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This is a special area for Keith, Iqbal,and Faisal. Here are some background:
  • We plan to integrate SKO with xAPI. xAPI is one of the major product that ADL is pushing to the world. We are almost done to make SKO message to sync with xAPI. as soon as we get this done the entire ADL network will be able to benefit what we have implemented in SKO.
  • All we need is to provide what type of message SKO is trying to communicate. For example of how SKO is trying to communicate, see here.
  • I want you all three to work on this in the coming week to fill-in information for each of the link here. follow the example on this page.
  • As soon as you have all these done, I will then make them available to ADL team, Andy and Lu. They will use the information to connect SKO message with xAPI LRS.

To make this work and have enough time for us to make something work in mid-June, please post your questions (as comments) for each of the message types. I will be monitoring them while I am in conferences in the next two weeks.

-- Xiangen